Professional Voice Over-Explainer Videos

Your company needs an eLearning, explainer Video in 2022!

More and more platforms are promoting online video, and videos are an excellent way for businesses to present their brands and services. A great example of this is short online marketing videos created to explain products or services called explainer videos, eLearning videos, or White Board vids.

Have you watched any of those explainer videos with the music and all the quick cuts but no voice over? Yeah, me either! I move on if I don’t understand what’s happening in a video. Voice over TRANSFORMS ineffective video into an instructional, specific journey. This journey is EXPERTLY guided by professional copywriters and recorded by a professional voice over artist just like ME! Your customers won’t be stuck falling down rabbit holes on the internet when you have a well-placed eLearning video on your website!

Voice over adds an element of interest that cannot be ignored. Unlike visuals which merely require you to look away to avoid them, audio is not so simple to avoid. Even when you plug your ears, the sound still penetrates. It actually rattles your bones and literally resonates.

It is common knowledge that consumers will only spend about 15 seconds on your website. How do we solve that problem and keep your visitors engaged? An EXPLAINER video! A professionally produced and properly placed Explainer Video on your Home Page can engage customers, educate them on your product, and more importantly SHOW them why they need it! Here are 4 great reasons to consider adding an explainer video to your homepage or email:

1.) Improve SEO and online presence because they are more likely to show up in a search engine.

2.) Increase conversion rates by as much as 65% when placed on the homepage of websites.

3.) Decrease bounce rate because visitors are likely to watch an embedded explainer video.

4.) Improve click rate because emails with videos are more likely to be opened.

5) Increase email click rate success because the embedded video crushes the “TLDR” or “too long didn’t read” effect.

Explainer videos with professional voice over are Key in 2022.

These improvements can highlight your brand with your audience and build new clients. Everything you need to have an explainer in your hand in a matter of days is right there on the internet, and with gig sites like Fiverr, it’s incredibly affordable to get MIND-BLOWING results.

Learn more about having your eLearning, Product Explainer Video, White Board Video, Corporate Training Narration, or any other project that needs a professional, authoritative, convincing voice by visiting my GIG PAGE.